Thanh Tu Thi Duong, Tu Ngoc Nguyen, Yem Van VU


In this paper, a novel Fractal PIFA antenna for triple-band is presented. The proposed antenna is based on the self affinity and lengthen shorting pin of PIFA structure. The combining design of the F-PIFA antenna is optimized and validated via simulation using CST-MW Studio as well as measurement. The measured result is well in agreement tothe simulated result. Being on the FR4 substrate with the height of 1.6mm, the antenna getsa compact size with patch dimension of 9.36x9.68mm2that is quite suitable for handheld terminals.The proposed F-PIFA antenna operates at 2.6GHz, 5.0GHz and 7.3GHz with large bandwidth of 10.55%, 25% and 5% respectively. All leads to the meet for mobilebroadband services: LTE, Wi-Fi and X-band of Satellite on each handle mobile equipment

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