Anh Minh Tran, Trinh Chien Nguyen, Minh Tu Thi Bui


In providing new telecommunication (telecom) services, the requisition for quality of network is more and more popular and sophisticated with high bandwidth, small value of delay time or packet loss etc. To assure the quality of network, the scheme of Quality of Service (QoS) routing algorithm based on local state information have recently been researched as a promising alternative to the currently deployed global QoS routing schemes. Different from the traditional QoS routing algorithms that use global state information, the localized routing algorithms use local information collected from source node to make routing decisions. These localized routing algorithms can be a solution to meet the demand of telecom market in the near future.In this paper, we introduce a new localized QoS routing algorithm that uses bandwidth and delay as constraints; and research the impacts of QoS routing algorithms on the network bandwidth balancing through a proposed parameter of evaluating network bandwidth disparity. We also perform our algorithm with experiments, compare and realize the more considerable performance of this algorithm than other algorithms wherein we use the same type of network topology, QoS requirements and traffic patterns.

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