Thanh Van Pham, Dat Tien Nguyen, Bai Xuan Dang, Phong Thi Nguyen, Hoang Van Vi


In this study, an online low-cost monitoring and warning system for pH and temperature of water is presented with the design and construction described in detail. This system was constructed based on the low cost 8-bit Microcontroller Atmega 16 and sensor node for real time monitoring. The pH and temperature of water were measured in-pipe and on-line. This system is suitable to measure pH in the range from 2 to 10 and temperature from 0 to 90 oC. The accuracy of pH and temperature was estimated about ±0.1 and ±0.32 oC, respectively. These measured parameters were successfully uploaded to through GPRS service in real time. Specially, these parameters were automatically evaluated based on QCVN 01:2009/BYT standard for tap water. If one of measured parameters was out of standard ranges, a warning SMS message was sent to the selected mobile number. The obtained results showed that the fabricated system is stable for longtime with reliable results. Because of low-cost, good accuracy and on-line measurement, this system is suitable for monitoring multiparameters of water in real time.

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