Quynh Xuan Thi Le, Linh Nhat Nguyen, Thuan Nguyen Dao


More recently, the innovative non-thermal plasma (NTP) technology has drawn considerable attention in various fields, from applied research to industry. In this work, we have developed and successfully fabricated a high frequency (30-70 KHz), high voltage generator (2-6 kV) as a power supply to generate a plasma jet. Effect of the oscillating frequency, the applied voltage on the output voltage and the plasma jet’s stability were studied. A stable plasma jet with a maximum length of 1.5-1.8 cm could be achieved at output voltage ~ 6 kV and oscillating frequency ~ 55 KHz. We showed that this plasma jet system could be applied as a quick, chemical-free and effective method to enhance seed germination and seedling growth of black turtle bean.

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