Determination of vibration parameters of the ship under the action of waves



  • Vu Tai Tu (Corresponding Author) Viện Vũ khí/Tổng cục Công nghiệp quốc phòng
  • Nguyen Quang Hung East Asia University of Technology
  • Chu Anh My Military Technical Academy



Vibration of ship; Yaw; Pitch; Heave; Roll; Surge; Wave; Sway.


This paper presents a method to determine the mathematical model of ship's vibration and load model of ocean waves, serving the theoretical calculation of ship's vibration by using an application of the Marine Simulation System - MSS. Simultaneously, in the second part, the article proposes a solution to carry out an experimental system for measuring the ship's vibrations on waves and using an inertial mechatronic sensor (IMU) to perform the measurement. The measurement results are consistent with the theoretical calculation results (about amplitude, frequency, and phase of oscillation), from which it can be confirmed that the measurement method used in the study is reliable.


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Vũ, T., Nguyễn Quang Hùng, and Chu Anh Mỳ. “Determination of Vibration Parameters of the Ship under the Action of Waves”. Journal of Military Science and Technology, no. 80, June 2022, pp. 168-77, doi:10.54939/1859-1043.j.mst.80.2022.168-177.



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