Research on casting technology of 49K2ΦA alloy ingots for stator cores of small electric generators for military applications



  • Nguyen Van Duong (Corresponding Author) Military Technical Academy
  • Nguyen Thanh Hung Military Technical Academy
  • Le Minh Duc Military Technical Academy
  • Luc Van Thuong Mechanical Research Institute



Vacuum induction furnace; Soft magnetic alloy; 49K2ФA alloy; Smelting equipment.


 In this paper, analysis and selection of technology and equipment for smelting 49K2ΦA alloy were conducted. Among the advanced smelting methods for 49K2ΦA alloy, smelting in a vacuum induction furnace is the most suitable, as it provides good control over the alloy's chemical composition and beneficial and harmful impurities. 49K2ΦA alloy ingots were made from technically pure Fe, Co, V and FeV80 master alloy with good quality and guaranteed chemical composition. The content of impurities (C, P, S) that adversely affect the magnetic properties of the alloy are all smaller than the Russian sample. Using industrial FeV80 master alloy for producing this alloy should be considered as it provides a slightly higher content of impurities with a lower cost of raw materials in comparison with using technically-purified vanadium. 


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Nguyễn, V. D., T. . H. Nguyễn, M. . Đức Lê, and V. . T. Lục. “Research on Casting Technology of 49K2ΦA Alloy Ingots for Stator Cores of Small Electric Generators for Military Applications”. Journal of Military Science and Technology, vol. 89, no. 89, Aug. 2023, pp. 160-5, doi:10.54939/1859-1043.j.mst.89.2023.160-165.



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