Design of stable flight of nonlinear controller for quadrotor form UAV



  • Le Huu Toan Vinh Long University of Technology Education
  • Le Hoang Anh Vinh Long University of Technology Education
  • Nguyen Van Tien Institute of System Integration, Military Technical Academy
  • Tran Duc Thuan (Corresponding Author) Vinh Long University of Technology Education



UAV; Quadrotor; PID; Modeling.


This article presents a method for designing a nonlinear controller for unmanned aircraft. This method uses a nonlinear model of a quadrotor UAV and a cascading two-loop control structure. The speed control loop is used to adjust the speed of the motors, the angle control loop is used to adjust the rotation angle of the UAV. By using the theory of cascade control system, the stability of the system has been proved. Using simulink matlab environment to simulate flight trajectory for UAV. The results show that the control system can control the UAV from takeoff, flying with different trajectories until landing in a stable way.


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Lê Hữu Toàn, Lê Hoàng Anh, Nguyễn Văn Tiến, and Trần Đức Thuận. “Design of Stable Flight of Nonlinear Controller for Quadrotor Form UAV”. Journal of Military Science and Technology, vol. 96, no. 96, June 2024, pp. 61-67, doi:10.54939/1859-1043.j.mst.96.2024.61-67.



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