Study on the synthesis of thioamides from aldehyde N-tert-butylsulfinyl amide and sulfur in aqueous media



  • Pham Xuan Thao (Corresponding Author) Institute of Chemistry and Materials, Academy of Military Science and Technology



Thioamide; Amine; Aldehyde; Aqueous solvent.


Thioamides have been widely used in the fields of medicine and organic chemistry, some of which are essential bioactive compounds, plant protection agents, and drugs. It could also be used as a vulcanizing agent, an additive to lubricants and greases, and a ligand in organic synthesis. Usually, thioamide is synthesized at high temperatures or in the microwave using an expensive noble metal complex as catalysts. This paper presented a straightforward method for synthesizing thioamides by using N-tert-butylsulfinyl amide, aldehyde, and sulfur. The reaction was carried out in water, which is an environmentally friendly solvent. The reaction selectivity and yield were up to 89%.


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Pham Xuan Thao. “Study on the Synthesis of Thioamides from Aldehyde N-Tert-Butylsulfinyl Amide and Sulfur in Aqueous Media”. Journal of Military Science and Technology, no. 76, Dec. 2021, pp. 54-60, doi:10.54939/1859-1043.j.mst.76.2021.54-60.



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