Studying on production and quality assessment of slow-release polymer for MUV-4VN fuses



  • Vu Ngoc Toan (Corresponding Author) Institute of New Technology, Academy of Military Science and Technology
  • Le Duc Thanh Viện Vũ khí/Tổng cục Công nghiệp quốc phòng
  • Tran Le Thai Viện Vũ khí/Tổng cục Công nghiệp quốc phòng
  • Doan Van Bong Viện Vũ khí/Tổng cục Công nghiệp quốc phòng



Slow-release polymer; Anti-tank mines; MUV-4VN fuses.


The polymer is used in delay mechanism of anti-tank mines, side-attack mines, butterfly mine, anti-personnel mines, grenades, etc. It is an important component in these devices. This type of polymer can work in a wide temperature range and these conditions have little effect on the delay time of the mechanism. In this study, a slow-release polymer used for MUV-4VN fuses was made from siloxanes plastic, code name CSN-CNM and HKT additive. Product CSN-CNM was analyzed, evaluated from appearance, ingredient, technical and tactical requirements. The result shows that the product can keep the mechanism safe in 23-26 minutes at -1 0oC, 7- 10 minutes at 25 oC, and 3-6 minutes at 50 oC. This result is completely equivalent to imported products from Russia when testing the same conditions (in MUV-4 fuses).


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Vũ Ngọc Toán, Thanh, Thái, and Bổng. “Studying on Production and Quality Assessment of Slow-Release Polymer for MUV-4VN Fuses”. Journal of Military Science and Technology, no. 77, Feb. 2022, pp. 79-85, doi:10.54939/1859-1043.j.mst.77.2022.79-85.



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